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16-Bit Taco Monster Boss by JoeGPcom

To start off, the idea overall is very clever, The color scheme is a lovely choice, not too bright, vert not to dark, the cheese being ...

Journal History


Some Cursing and a ,little suggestive activity otherwise, enjoy the fanfic, don't like, don't read

It had been exactly seven weeks of preparing yourself

Why? That’s easy.

You had developed the most inhumane crush on a form of a pointy shaded Strider

Not just any Strider, the one without a body.

Yes, you, had gotten feelings for that cursed AutoResponder

You couldn’t even visit Dirk because you knew so well how royally screwed  over you would become

So you had finally sucked in your gut and went through this 7 week process of reasons why you would never be able to have a relationship with a sassy pair of pointed shades

You felt quite proud of yourself as you had knocked upon the door of Dirk Strider. Finally you two could have your ‘Anime Bro/Sis’ marathon you guys wanted. He called you Sis since you were on sibling level of friendship, and you never dared to tell of the affections you had previously harbored for the AutoResponder

But now, you were all good to go, and you could keep your friendship with Dirk.

“You can come on in (Name), ya don’t have to knock” Dirk said from inside the home

You grinned and opened the door, went and closed it behind you, and turned

“Alright, I am so ready for hours of this Anime Marat--” Your voice was caught in your throat at the unexpected sight before you

All of those 7 weeks of getting rid of your feelings had just been launched from the window

“Oh, Hello (Name), Been a while since I’ve seen you.”




There in front of you, stood a male with snow white hair, looked to be exactly like Dirk’s, pointed shades with dimmed red glow in the eye area of them, red trails that looked like wire or something  fluttered out on the skin from the eye, and some on his arms as well.
Black shirt and pants, red hat in center

“Hal, what the hell, I told you to stay in your room.” Dirk grumbled

You snapped out of your daze “Wait, Hal? As in-”

“Yes, That’s me (Name).” the AutoResponder stated

“B-but-- h- wh- How in the bloody world of god did he get a body?” you asked, freaking out a little bit

“He finally got annoying enough to convince me to give him a body, wouldn’t tell why he’d been so incredibly persistent about it. But anyway, we going to do this anime marathon or what?” Dirk said

“Well uh-” you couldn’t make an excuse to hightail it out of there since the android grasped your wrist and calmly walked you over to the couch

Little did you know that AutoResponder knew you were going to try to make an excuse.

“Of course she is, Dirk, she did make the trip all the way here, after all”

You then mentally noted to just focus on the anime and when it was done, you could head home and lock yourself away for the rest of your shameful life.

“You seem a bit tense (Name), don’t worry, I don’t bite.”

You sighed a little, trying to relax, but froze up at his next words

“At least, not unless you give me a reason to”

This comment got Dirk’s attention

“Hal, shut the hell up”

--Timeskip of Anime Marathons and The promise of locking yourself away--

It’s been weeks since that day and you were going insane from your feelings

Hal having a body made things so complicated

His voice having the slight electronic touch

His oddly warm body when he was close enough

How his features were so detailed and...human looking…

It drove you nuts

You looked to the computer where multiple of your friends were trying to coax you out to going to the sweet party they wanted to hold for your birthday

But with the chance of Hal being there, you couldn’t bring yourself up to go

Then your video chat window suddenly activated, without you giving it permission to

You saw the faces of all 8 of your friends, you nearly had a heart attack

“What th-- Which one of you just hacked my laptop!?” you had your hand over your now beating chest, you hated it when they did that

“We got Sol to get in there, rather skilled with a computer aren’t you? Dirk couldn’t even get in there~! John grinned “Anyway, you can’t miss out on your own birthday party (Name)!”

“Yeah, (Nickname), Kinda loses the point of it if you ain’t there” Dave said

“Quite right, I haven’t seen you this isolated since that one breakup..” Jake said, frowning a bit “Did something happen?”

You noticed Hal in the background, and he lifted his head upon hearing Jake mention that hurtful time for you and looked right into the camera

You remembered that was one of the rare times Dirk had ever let you use AR was that day you were heartbroken


You had arrived on Dirk’s door very late that night, tears rolling down your face like a dam that had been blown up

Your now Ex-Boyfriend had broken up with you when you refused to stop being friends with the others, seeming to be jealous and possessive, and left you out to the darkness

DIrk had instantly taken you in upon seeing you

Much to his confusion Hal had instantly demanded he talk to you in private

“Here, (Name)” He took off the AutoResponder and put a pair of regular shades on “Why don’t you speak with Hal on it, he wants to talk to you in private”

You blinked but nodded “a-alright..”

Dirk absconded the room then

Hal only said one sentence you needed to hear

Don’t hold anything back, feel free to talk everything out.

You had done exactly that, voicing how hurt and upset you were to the shades

About a good  hour later, you had calmed down and fallen asleep to Hal saying some of the most comforting things

The week after you had received a package with a t-shirt, long sleeved shirt, jacket, and sweatshirt all with circuit designs on them

It had dawned on you that none other than Hal had taken some of Dirk’s Boonbucks, designed these things, and bought them for you

You were absolutely taken aback and flattered

---Flashback end---

You were wearing the shirt and loose jacket now in fact

“N-No, it’s nothing like that, I’m just...kinda lurking around. I wanna come but I.. can’t get the energy to move...” You avoided Hal’s intense gaze through the screen

“Well, if you’re going to be like that, there’s only one way to get you off that couch.” Dirk states, and you freeze

Jake smirks, knowing exactly what he was thinking “Oh, that’s a grand Idea, Strider”

“Wait, Dirk, no, don’t you dare even think about it”

“Too late (Name), He’s on his way already~”

“If he breaks down this wall I’ll kill you, Strider!” you whined

As you said that, your door was suddenly opened forcefully and the next thing you feel is being lifted up and held like a small child against a cold metal chest

Brobot, of course, being the only thing able to deliver you to anywhere when you were being stubborn

“Strider!” you whined again

“Calm down (Name). At least it wasn’t through the wall” He then disconnects and brobot shut the laptop off, before starting his flash stepping to the party, you clinging for dear life so you wouldn’t fall


Brobot strided in and placed you on the couch, before flash stepping off to the other bots.

Hal was sitting only a seat away...

"Alright! Time to celebrate!" Roxy announced, as people cheered in agreement

Through the  evening, you received multiple gifts from your friends and such and you all watched a movie, but your mind was in other places at the moment

Such as trying not to gaze at the AutoResponder next to you-

Wait when was he right next to you?

You felt his arm lay behind you and his hand slightly cupped around your shoulder.

Most of the party was playing truth or dare, you included

“...You’re tense again” Hal notes, and you glance to him

“Oh, am I? I didn’t notice…” you said quietly

“You’re not good at lying. I also know you seem to be tense around me” He pointed out

You didn’t respond

“Especially when I get..” he pulled you closer to test his theory, you automatically tensed a bit “..near you.”

“W-well..I’m just not used to you having a body and all, y-you know?” you said

“Hm..Strange for someone who is friends with Dirk, making robots constantly. I also notice you are wearing my gifts. It’s logical to say that you have-”

“Your turn, John.” Dirk said, and the blue-eyed boy grins “Hey,Hal!”

He looked to the boy “Yes?”

“Spinner says you got to do a truth and a dare. Dirk said you got emotions this time, so I’m gonna ask, do you like someone? If the answer is yes, You gotta tell and kiss ‘em!” He grinned

Dirk sighed “John, what the hell” he muttered “You’re sick, Hal doesn-”

“Actually, I do” Hal interrupts Dirk, who looked shocked at the AutoResponder

Your interest was also peaked, Hal had feelings for someone?

The next thing that happened made your mind completely hazy

Hal placed his hand behind your head and guided it forwards as the space between you vanished

Hal..was kissing you

You tensed instantly at realizing that Hal was kissing you

Did this mean...he liked you?

Or was this a well-planned out way to destroy you?

You didn’t know

You could not possibly think on it since you were currently distracted

Hal then pulled away, knowing you’d need precious air

Your face was many shades of red, and you were sputtering for words

John grinned madly “You Okay there (Name)?”

You squeaked and then absconded the hell out of there

People looked to each other, all having different thoughts on what had just happened
Dirk was currently thinking over his life choices and trying not to lunge out at Hal

A certain Olive-blooded troll was already adding something to the shipping wall

Jake was trying to help Dirk calm down

Rose sat by Hal “Are you going to go after her?”

Hal practically looked a bit let down “What difference would it make? I was incorrect to even guess a different outcome that I wanted.”

Rose chuckled “Hal, you know better than that, especially since she hasn’t given a response yet.”

Hal was quiet for a moment

Rose continued “Plus, you know (Name). She’s shy sometimes, you caught her off guard, now go on up and get your answer.”

Hal thought about this and nodded “..alright” he stood and walked to where you had gone off to


You were currently in one of the bedrooms under the sheets, trying to gather your mind together.

Then you feel someone sit down on the bed and you tense

“(Name), I do apologize for the actions I’ve done, if you would forgive me for that k-”

“I liked it”


“I said I liked it. I you?” you said, uncovering yourself shyly

Hal got closer to you “Do you?”


He chuckled and gave you a chaste kiss “I’d like to ask if you can be my girlfriend, then”

“Yeah, I think I like the sound of that” you smiled

He then slid into the bed with you “I do hope you’re prepared for me, I’ve had my eyes on you for a very long time.” he said, nuzzling your neck making you blush

“Yeah yeah, just shut up and cuddle, Hal”

And you did, no matter how his antics would drive you up a wall, he was a mix of a big sweetie and a total master of, indeed, everything
Lil Hal x Reader
You know that feeling when you're making an x reader with one of your all time favorites and then you just start blushing as you write and instead of a few days it takes a week and a half to finish?

Yeah, That was me when writing this

we need more Lil Hal in our life so here take it 

Story belongs to me

Lil Hal belongs to Hussie
Yo. There is some swearing and a little suggestive activity, don't like, don't read. little short fanfic I wrote


It was official

The world was against you today.

You had gotten the worst sickness ever

Who knows what you might have to make up, or how long you’d be sick, there was hot flashes, you nearly throwing your guts up this morning

Then there was HIM

Oh, god, you didn’t even want to know what he might do to your heart

Who is this person, by any chance?

It was the eldest brother of the Striders, Broderick Strider, or just ‘Bro’ for short.

Anytime you’d be around him, he would drive you up a wall, yeah, that’s how crazy he drove you. With this flirts and smuppet shenanigans.

It was hard enough avoiding him in the apartment complex, if he found out you were sick, you might not escape whatever insane ‘ironic’ thing he might do, last time you visited the house, he was wearing a damn sailor moon cosplay, posing and said

“In the name of the moon, fall for me”

You never nosebleeded so hard

Now, don’t get me wrong, you didn’t hate the guy, you found him somewhat interesting from Dave’s stories, but when you had finally met him...It was weird, to say, you had a crush on him too, another reason you avoided him so you wouldn’t get flustered everytime he’d flirt with you..

Oh, god, you were gushing over him again.

You’re laptop sent a “Ding!” that notified someone on pesterchum was messaging you

It was Dave

[ turntechGodhead [TG] starting pestering chumHandle [CH] ]

TG: Yo, didn’t see you at the bus stop this morning or first class, you alright?

CH: The world is against me today, Dave
CH: I know it is

TG: Well, what’s goin on? You sleep in or something? Remember what all of us planned this afternoon?

CH: ...What? Remind me.

TG: Wow, dude, ironic, your own idea and you forgot?

CH: Dave, seriously

TG: we all planned to go to the movie tonight to see that sick film, remember now?

CH: oh my gosh do NOT say that word right now, Strider.

TG: what, Sick? Oh, shit, you’re sick?


TG: Oh, damn, that really sucks, man I guess we’ll cancel

CH: No, don’t, just go without me, alright?

TG: You sure? Wouldn’t be cool without all of us.

CH: Dave, you know how I don’t like being a reason you guys can’t have fun. Go ahead, please.

TG: well, if you so insist, if you feel better tell me though, I’ll send someone over to help you with that sickness

[ turntechGodhead [TG] ceased pestering chumHandle [CH] ]

CH: wait, what?


You groaned audibly, now you were going to be dead by the time the day ended

‘Thanks, Dave, now I’m going to die.’ you thought bitterly

You coughed and groaned, being too weak to get any medicine, you drifted asleep for only a few minutes before someone opened the door

“Yo, (Name), Lil man told me you were sick, so I’m gunna help nurse you back to health the famous strider way”

And there it was, you groaned and rolled over “I don’t need help, just sleep.” you grumbled

“No can do. You can’t turn a strider down, (Name), you know that”

“Bro, seriously, I can take care of myself”

“Yet from the looks of it, you didn’t quite make it to that bathroom”


“I don’t wanna get anyone else sick”

“Strider’s don’t get sick, darlin”

“Fuck off”

This was totally normal defense, but it was also a little affectionate

Dirk and Bro claimed that you were a ‘Tsundere’

You personally didn’t care what they called you

You heard bro go into the kitchen  and do some things, clinking of metal and such, you sighed

“(Name). I made ramen, come on”

“Nnnnnnngh” was your only response

You heard a small chuckle as you felt someone try to turn you over

“Oh my god, Strider, stop. I look like a snot monster Please.”

“Then I’ll just wipe your nose off” was the blunt reply

“Oh my god no- BRO!” you squirmed as he held you down and wiped your face due to your complaints

“Sit still, move around too much and you’ll hurt yourself, you know?”
“Damn it Bro! I don’t need any help!”

“Keep telling yourself that, darlin.”

-Small Timeskip-

You weren’t sure how much more of this you could take, thank god you were sick or the strider would have second thoughts with how red your face was

He had one more thing to do, which has just started the mini strife between you two right now.

Taking that revolting medicine.

Currently, he’s tried a lot of ways to get you to take your medicine, from ambushing you to just directly trying to KISS it into you

Which leads to now, with you pinned and Bro having his mouth covered by your hand

You seriously need to remember a strider will never back down from a challenge, no matter what they must do to win.

“Bro! Seriously!? You’re using that kiss-ass cliche of taking medicine!? You’ve been reading too many fanfictions!”

Bro would respond if you weren’t covering his mou--

That’s when he removed your hand from his mouth and slammed his lips onto yours, the bitter liquid going down your throat

“Strider’s always win, (Name), you ought to know that”

He then got up, but didn’t expect you to drag him back down and you growled

“Son of a BITCH, STRIDER! I’ve had it up to here with your advancements! You probably have not the slightest idea what you do to me, do ya!?” you started

“Ever since your lil bro Dave told stories about you my interest was caught, and when I met you in person, I fell the fuck in love with you! You couldn’t measure how fast my heart goes when you’re egotistical ass is in a half mile radius of me! My stupid face gets all stupidly red and heated up and you just fuckin KISSED ME! You think this is funny, don’t you!? Hell, I Nearly expected you to show up in some ridiculous maid dress even!!!” you breathed, feeling embarrassed of your confession

Bro was shocked into silence, but retained the pokerface

“You...mean that?” he said

You nodded, your face was probably on fire right now.

He then lifted his hand up to cup your cheek in his hand, the other slipping his shades off

“I was hoping you’d feel the same..” he mumbled before kissing you again, more gentle but it had a fire you didn’t see before, and his eyes, you were practically hypnotised by them

After the kiss he pulled back and smirked “If you want, I can still wear the maid dress”

“Strider! You totally ruined the moment!”


“Striders don’t get sick, huh?” you smirked, looking at the male now on the couch in a blanket

“Hush, (name), You got me sick”

“You claimed you couldn’t get sick.”

He laughed “Come here, let me give it back to you”

“No way, And I’m not putting on that maid or nurse dress.”

“Aw c’mon babe, at least gimme a kiss?”

“Nope, no kisses or any of that ‘Till you’re better”

You couldn’t possibly imagine how much he would make up for that lost time when he did get better, but you did experience it~
Bro x Reader Sick Day
What's this? Posting two fics in one day?


Haha, yeah. Enjoy this short little thing

Bro and Dave belong to Hussie

You belong to Bro

Tell me whatcha think y'all. 

Yo, there be some cursewords in here, alright? alright, enjoy the story~


You look at the poster on the board and sighed.

Today wasn’t going to be very good for you

It was the annual festival that came around this year every time, you and your large group of friends would go.

However, the occasion is you bring someone with you as a date, girlfriend/boyfriend, well, you get the gist.

Once again you’ll have to bring Lil’ Seb as a buddy to the festival

Why? well you see, everyone else had a relationship.

Dave had grown a pair and asked Harley to be his girlfriend

John had actually hooked up with Roxy, much to your amusement

Rose had Kanaya, and you had to admit they were so cute together.

You knew that Jake had a certain pointy shaded Strider and Crocker pining after him.

You’d admit you wish you could have a chance.

However Jake did have a Girlfriend, much to your dismay.

It was Aranea Serket, and holy shit from first glance you knew she was only going to hurt him

But anyway, that’s about it for the status of relationships.

Or so you thought, when you entered school

You approached Dirk and Jane to ask if you could borrow Lil’ Seb again this year but were shocked to see them in a short kiss

“Hey can I b- holy shit, what are you doing?”

Jane looked up at you “well, since neither of us want to ruin our friendship over this silly thing, we realized we didn’t need Jake and got in a relationship” she said

You smiled a little “Oh, cute, by the way, can I borrow Seb again this year?” you asked

They looked at each other “actually, Seb’s with Brobot at Jake’s, You’ll have to go get him there.” Dirk said

Great, the last place you wanted to go to that would remind you of your crush.

“Oh, alright, I’ll make sure to do that” you said

You then realized you were now the only one not in a relationship.

Throughout the day you sulked, knowing you’d never have a chance with anyone, much less Jake English.

John seemed to pick up on your mood

“Hey (Name), you alright?”

“Hn? oh, Yeah, I’m alright” you said

“You don’t look like it’

“I’m just really tired, you know. Big day today”

“Oh, yeah! totally, also, Roxy wanted to take you shopping right after school”

“I gotta pick up Lil Seb at Jake’s house first John”

“Sure, we’ll pick you guys up there!”

“Yeah, alright”

That brings you  to now, standing at the door of Jake’s home

The door opened and you saw the cute little robot bunny, which apparently dragged you inside, much to your confusion.

You looked down to the little bunny who hopped up to the standing robot, and pointed to it.

“I-uh..not really catching on to what you’re trying to say, Seb.” you said, trying to piece together what he was trying to say

He then points to the poster, himself,to the larger bot, then finally at you, and repeated this pattern until you finally got what the message was

“You want Brobot to come with us to the festival this year?” you guessed

Seb nodded rapidly and points to him, Brobot nodded lightly

“And he wants to come too...well, alright, but you need to behave, I won’t tolerate you in sparring mode and going for strifes. Understood?”

The two nodded and Lil Seb went and set Brobot to casual mode.

You then heard a loud honking of a car outside, that must be John and Roxy.

You started to walk out the door “You two stick with me ok? Roxy wants to pick some fancy shmacy thing out for m- agh!”

You were cut off when Brobot had picked you up and instantly got you in the car. John gave you a questioning look at the scene in front of him

“...He wanted to come along, okay? Just go and get this over with” you muttered as you buckled in

--Timeskip of looking for an outfit for you---

This was hectic, nothing seemed to be right for the occasion.

“Rox, this isn’t necessary, I’ll just be in my jeans and hoodie again this year, it’s no big deal”

“N-Nooo way (Name). Y-ya always wear that stuffs. You need to get looking gud dis year” she said, looking through the things.

John had put the last 9 outfits back on where he looked “I have to agree (Name). It’s no fun if you keep lurking like you do. Besides, don’t you want to achieve your goal of getting your ‘secret crush’?” he grinned

You lifted your head “How do y-”

“You ranted a lot when you got drunk from the spiked Faygo. Too bad that you practically knocked yourself out before you said his name” he continued grinning “Also, I saw your resolutions list”

You looked down at your feet “..It wouldn’t matter, he’s taken anyway, I never really had a chance.”

Roxy and John exchanged looks, knowing these kind of things was a bit of a trigger for you.

You felt a rush of wind behind you, and then again by you, before a third came to a halt behind you once again.

You were spun around and had some things pushed in your arms

Okay, now you were concerned on bringing brobot

You looked at what was given to you, and you felt a slam of emotions hit you

Why did he pick these..!

It was a Green dress that went down to your thighs, it was sleeveless but came with a thin gold color over jacket. The dress had golden accents on the bottom and neck of it.  It seemed to come with a belt but it wasn’t there.

It practically screamed Jake in every way.

“Ah- Brobot, this really is nice of you but I don’t think I-” The said robot put his hand over your mouth and pointed to the changing rooms

“...You’re going to make me get in this one way or another, aren’t you?” you stated bluntly

You got a short nod in response.

-POV Change, to someone who you wouldn’t expect!-

The thin line of a mouth curled into a small smirk

“She better thank me later for this, since obviously my other idea’s went down the drain”

“Dirk, she might try to kill you first” Jane said, as they watched the video feed from the laptop screen

“Hey, making her jealous sure didn’t work. Let’s not forget to mention she doesn’t know Aranea dumped Jake, and that was weeks’s clear her avoidance seriously didn’t help.”

“Well, I know...but are you sure this is a good idea?”

“Of course it is” the Blonde stated

-POV change back to you-

You couldn’t deny the dress was absolutely nice on you, but it still reminded you of Jake and Jake only.

Roxy clapped happily “It’s perf! That’s definitely the one!” she said, grinning.

“I..I don’t know…” you said, coming out of the dressing rooms in normal attire.

“Are you kidding? You look freaking sweet in it” John said

You started to speak when the cursed robot put the dress in a bag, holding a receipt up

“Y-you already bought it!?”

John chuckled lightly as Lil seb held a smaller bag.


“Wow, (Name)! You got a dress from the aspect collection?!” Jade said, grinning

“The what now?”

“The Aspect Collection. Where All Kinds Of Clothing Are Based Off Of The Aspects.” Kanaya said “I Believe I Have Mentioned I Design Many Of The Attire Sold”

“ the’s you’re wearing?” You said

Now that you looked at your friends, they did wear the said outfits, with the aspects.

“If I’m correct there’s supposed to be a belt with that dress.” Rose pointed out

“I think Lil Seb is keeping it right now. It’s like he doesn’t want me to see it yet.” You said

“That dress looks exactly like th-” Dave had started speaking, but was silenced by Jade, who giggled

“Come on! lets go have fun!” she said

You all Split up, but what you noticed is brobot had gone MIA

Sighing, you picked Lil Seb up and started the normal routine.

---POV Change--

Well this was bloody unwell, not only was I dumped, but she was practically using me to get things! Well we’ll see how it goes, Aranea. Maybe dating her wasn’t smart...I should have listened to my heart and mind  to ask out a girl I actually liked.

Speaking of her, where in the bloody devil dickens was she? I couldn’t find her anywhere.

But no worries, as Jake English, I will fix this confounded mess I have made.

I walked around looking for her for hours, the girl with (Color) hair.

I started thinking about my choices

I remembered specifically of the shattered look in her eyes when I announced I was in a relationship.

Not one proper conversation  ever came between us afterwards.

Golly, I was so stupid to ignore my heart’s advice!

Oh! There she w-

Oh..she seemed to be with Lil Seb again, and she doesn’t seem to be enjoying herself either..

Wait a bloody minute, that’s an aspect dress.

Not just any dress, but a Hope aspect dress, my aspect.

I nearly jumped out of my skin when a far too familiar rush swept by me.

Blinking a few times, my jaw dropped

What was Brobot doing here!?

With (Name)!? I wasn’t about to stand for that nonsense!

I didn’t get very far though, since I was pulled back and my sight was covered

--POV Change, You~--

“Oh, there you are Brobo-- What are you doing”

The robot had placed his hands on my arms and lifted them a bit, Lil Seb finally took out the belt, unfortunately I didn’t see the aspect on it since Brobot then blindfolded me and started leading me somewhere.

What were these robots doing? It was driving you nuts!

After a while of walking, you were suddenly sat down. Okay, from how it felt you were on a hill, grass, and a blanket.

You felt something thud against the spot next to you

After a few minutes you could finally see


Oh god

In front of you was none other than Jake English, looking about as confused as you were

“J-Jake?” you stuttered


You continued to stare at eachother before he had spoken

“(Name), golly I’s been awhile huh?”

You silently nodded

“You haven’t really spoken to me at all, why?”

“.....I was trying to stay out of the way” you said

“Stay out of the way? What ever do you mean?”

“Aranea Serket”

The second that name left your mouth, he tensed “She’s dead to me.”

Your head snapped up “W-what?”

“She was using me, the bloody wanker, I should have listened to you instead of following that stupid blue obsession, I was wrong to even consider her to be my girlfriend, I should have chose you”

You were shocked “Sh..she did? Y-you think that?” you gulped “B-But I have nothing to offer you, I-I’m just a nobody at school with a stupid childish crush on you since I know I’d have no chance with a guy like you an-”

“(Name!) That’s not bloody true!” he grabbed your hands

“You are by far the cutest girl I’ve met, how you shrink into your pullover hoodies and draw in class, when you cling to me  when we’re on some kind of thrill ride, or a movie, how you rely on people is just who you are.”

You couldn’t speak...did he mean it..?

“There are many things that I love” he trailed his hand up your face “These eyes that glitter in the light” down to your throat “The amount of laughter, sass, and beauty this voice holds” he placed his hand over your right ear “These ears that listen to my voice” up to your forehead “This mind that continues to baffle me.” He then places his hand over your heart “Your heart that beats gently for friends and booms with fire at a threat”

Your face was on fire, Jake’s cheeks were heating up at his own words, but he kept his focused gaze on you

“While I love adventure with a burning passion, and I always follow the path for adventure, You, (Name), are shy, clouded with mystery, and when people think they know you, you burst with the unexpected. What I’m saying, is you, are not ordinary. You’re an adventure” His face was inches from yours

“J-Jake I- I don’t know what to s-”

But just like that, you felt something push the back of your head forward, and the same went for Jake as the two of your mouths were quickly pressed together into a kiss

For a few moments you two were much too shocked, but had eventually melted into it.

The presence left your head as you two separated

You both turned to see Lil Seb bouncing excitedly and Brobot standing there, giving a thumbs up

“Y-You blasted Robot! G-Get out of here!” Jake stuttered, face red as ever

A voice fritzed out “It’s about time, English, you know you two would have never made a move, so you’re welcome for this. Also, you’re such a cliche sucker English”


A laugh resounded “When you two are done face sucking come on down, we’re going to be waiting for you” At that the bots were gone in a flash

“T-That blasted strider! Just you wait! I’ll flip you into a death pit an-”

You gave Jake a kiss to silence him “Shh...he meant well” you smiled

Looking down at you, he returned the kiss “Well alright, You look absolutely stunning right now in that Hope dress.”

You looked down to the buckle to see it was indeed the Hope aspect

“Mh, You look nice yourself” you said “Let us go and enjoy ourselves?”

“Be my girlfriend first?”

“Of course, Jake.”

You two stood and Jake looked over to you

“You’re not going to let dirk off easy, will you?” you said

“Of course not, but that goes for you as well~” he hummed before looping his arm around your waist

“Wait, what?”


“Get back here strider! I’m not done with you!”

“Holy shit Jake, put the chair down”

“Good luck to you (Name)” Dave mused “You guys might be together but he won’t show mercy”

“How bad could it be?” you said

Jake had come up behind you “We’re going to have to make up for all the time you avoided and you messing with my head like that~”

Jake x Reader Robots are Matchmakers
Yeah, I did another one

Can't stop me Rose's Creepy Eyebrows Icon 

Haha, I hope y'all enjoy my oddball ways

I don't own homestuck, all homestuck characters belong to Huss

But you just might belong to Jake English, my friend

Comment on whatcha think
Art Project  with Homestuck   by dawndahedgehog
Art Project with Homestuck
Oh my god an update on this account  and what do you get?

You get me, homestuck  trash <3

Haha, so yeah, this was a painting project  in school  and so I'm like "hey, why not put some kids aspects on there, and reference  some gaurdians"

And a wild pair of sassy auto  responder  shades appear.

Oh my god the hope aspect never again I nearly  died.

I am going to be posting on my tumblr, which is

Homestuck belongs to Hussie.

Art belongs to me

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The Inspiration for this story came from a demonstuck blog mentioned in the description, there is reference to a little gore and swearing. alright?


You looked worriedly at the door you had just knocked upon, gulping in fear.

Your old time friend in the past, Dave, also the famous director of a Hollywood studio, had called in sick a few weeks back, and the Studio sent you over here to check on him after a few weeks of no other response. You were especially worried since you cared about him so much. Not that you would admit it

You two went way back, up to when you two were young teenagers

With his flirts and manipulative side, along with other traits of ‘being ironic and cool’, you wouldn’t have it any other way, you had developed a cursed crush on him, too.

Of course, at some point you found he wasn’t human. You, were unfortunate enough to walk in on Bro Strider, his brother, and him having one hell of a fight.

It went something like this after that happened



“(Name)? Why are you here-!” his question was cut off as the grip on his throat tightened

Your gaze landed on Bro, currently the one choking D.

“Tsk, ain’t that a shame, I warned you, D. You should know better than to make such...close relations to a human. I let go with this, bet she’s awfully scared, huh?” Bro hissed,

“Nah, its cool” you interrupted, taking both striders off guard

“..Mind explaining that, Sweetheart?” D choked out, slamming his fist to his Brother’s face, effectively freeing himself

“Sure, you might be a demon or...whatever..but I don’t mind, really” you smiled sheepishly “Just as long as you uh..don’t...kill me?” you slowly said, wary of Bro lifting himself

D shook his head, sending a small warning glare from underneath his shades “Of course not, and i believe he was just leaving.” He managed to shove Bro out of the house

“What, was it you play those ridiculous horror games that you aren’t scared?” he snapped his fingers and turned to his normal attire and look

“No, Stupid, it is because we’re close.”

“We can get closer if you want~”

“Oh, shut up..”

-End Flashback-

The door opened suddenly, snapping you out of your daydreams

Oh, god, not the butterflies in your gut again…

The director looked down at you from behind his shades that hid his eyes, him in his usual attire of a suit, when he saw it was you, he rose a brow and made a ‘hm’ sound, you translated this as the time to explain why you were here.

“H-hey, the studio has gotten really worried of your absence and sent me over to check on you and-- W-what the!?”

Out of the blue, he had taken your arm and pulled you inside the house, before you knew it, you were sitting on the couch, with him facing you, he pulled his phone out and started typing, he then tilted the screen over so you could read the text

You really shouldn’t be here, even if those idiots sent you over.

You were rather befuddled at this, but did not inquire as to why just yet

“Come on, D. I was worried too, and why shouldn’t I be here?”

He typed on the phone

Because reasons, I’m just fine, ok?

“Why are you typing all that? D? I doubt you of all people have strep throat, you can tell me anything, you know very well I am a very understanding person”

..Three words, Bro’s an asshole.

“Need more clarity than that, D.”

I thought you said you were an understanding person~

You only shot a dirty look at him

Simple version, then. Bro ripped my tongue out

You gasped at this “W-What!? Why would he-” D had put his hand over your mouth, signalling for you to shut up

You always talk too much, now that you know, why are you really here? I told them not to make you come over here, sweetheart.

Again with that, even when his tongue is ripped out, he still calls you sweetheart, you glance down nervously, your cheeks heating up a little in embarrassment

You grumbled your answer under your breath, D noticed your blush and thought of something, perhaps it would be a good time to test something, finally.

You feel him grasp your chin and tilt your face to look at him, a small smirk on his face

You look to the small screen of his phone

Didn’t quite hear that, you know.

Your face heated up more, oh, god, how could you word this without it being awkward?

I am waiting, (Name). Also, is that a blush I spy?

Cocky little...! You sighed and repeated it, a little louder

“Because I was worried and about you..” you mumbled that last bit again

Before you could think, D was directly in your face, his smirk growing as you squeaked and backed into the cushions of the couch you sat on

What was that last bit? You really ought to stop being so cute and shy.

Your blush got so much worse, as D drummed his fingers casually in a mocking way

Also, don’t use the old ‘Its hot in here’ excuse, heard that so many times, darlin.

What happened next not only shocked him, but you as well

You grabbed the sides of his face and growled “Maybe it’s hot in here for me because of you” and without hesitation, you slammed your lips onto his, not being able to handle the sexual tension coursing through your veins

You expected rejection from him, after all, you two were only supposed to be friends

However, rejection isn’t what you got at all, you couldn’t have been more wrong in your life, since you felt him shift and kiss back

Of course, the need for air was needed and you pulled away, you being flustered as hell

D calmly picked up his phone and typed while you breathed out

“Also, because I care about you, you insufferable ass.”

D smirked at this and showed you the screen

I would have preferred to kiss you when I had my tongue, but I’m not complaining, and have you been staring at this said ass?

You fiddled with your fingers “...Why’d you kiss back…?”

Because, you idiot, I love you, why do you think I flirt?

“You flirt with everyone, D”

Not when I’m alone with them. I flirt with you the most you know.

By the way. I hope I see that feisty side of you more often

You were about to shoot a retort back at him but you shrieked when he picked you up over your shoulder and carried you to his room, where he laid you on the bed and dressed out of the suit and into some pj’s

He then proceeded to cuddle the living shit out of you. You only recieved one last message from him

Just wait till I get my tongue back, sweetheart. I’ll be speaking all over you~

You blushed and after a few minutes of seeing you would not be leaving his grip, you accepted it and fell asleep

-Timeskip, a few weeks later-

You sprawled yourself out on the couch, D had dressed extremely formal today, (not that he doesn’t already) and took freaking FOREVER in the bathroom preparing himself

It took every cell in your body to stop yourself from calling him a teenage girl going on a last minute date

Because even if you two were kind of dating now, he would find some ungodly way to mindfuck you

After he left, it felt like hours on end, you tried your best to entertain yourself but no avail, you were so stuck on trying to figure out where he was going.

When you heard the door open, you shot up and out of the couch and poked your head up, but…

Nothing was there? You could have sworn you heard the door open- OH GOD

You screech in alarm when something wet trailed up the back of your neck

You whip around, placing your hand over your now speed racer

“Miss me?”

You blinked “Y..You got.?”

He nodded “Mhm. Painful as hell but worth each second”

“You still suck.”

“That’s your job, now come here, we got lots to do”

“wait, what-- D! put me down! Where are you going!?”

“Did you forget again? Now that I’ve got this back, I’ve got a lot of things to do with it~”

Demon!Alpha!Dave x Reader
I'm not quite sure why I wrote this

But I guess when writing inspiration hits you, ya take what you can

Alpha Dave belongs to Huss

 Demonstuck Belongs to my-friend-the-frog on tumblr 

Idea for this plot came from seriously they are awesome

Story made by me.

I think that's all.


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